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5 Ideas to Make Your Wedding Instagrammable

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Whether you are a millennial or belong to the Gen Z, chances are that you are active on social media and love sharing your memorable moments there. And when it’s about your own wedding or that of a loved one, you want to capture, share, and always remember the beautiful moments for the rest of your life. Similarly, whether you want a big-fat Indian wedding or an intimate one, nothing should stop you from creating a wedding that is memorable as well as instagrammable. Especially, if you have found your match through premium matchmaking services like, you would want to have wedding tips that can be shared and remembered forever.

Therefore, let us look at 5 ideas to make your wedding instagrammable. These are simple yet effective inputs that you can discuss with your potential partner on platforms like and figure out a way to have a unique and beautiful wedding day.

1. Location

The most important thing to make your wedding instagrammable is to select the right location first. Discuss with your partner whether you want a beach wedding or one in the quiet suburbs or countryside. A beautiful location will help you have a memorable and instagrammable wedding.

2. Mood Board/Wall

It is a creative attempt to make your guests feel more involved. You can put up a mood board or designate a wall where they can put up pictures, write something or decorate it as they like, to wish you on your wedding. This will not only help you remember the core memories with the guests who attend your wedding, but also ensure a unique and beautiful memory for them in return.

3. Hiring the Right Wedding Photographer

Apart from commissioning the best wedding photographer or videographer, you might consider also hiring a professional who can make content specifically for your Instagram. They should specialise in making trendy reels, suggest the appropriate lighting and set up for the perfect wedding pictures and videos.

4. Couple and Family Games

Whether you found your partner on a matrimony site or elsewhere, family is the most important part of any successful marriage. Thus, to ensure compatibility and a memorable experience for them in the wedding, you should think about including some of the best and most creative couples and family weddings. These games can not only help make happy memories together as a newlywed couple or family but also be good and unique content for Instagram and your online friends.

5. Dance Floor

As a last idea, we can suggest that you should put up a creative dance area where couple face-offs, dance challenges and performances can take place. As much as we love a good old Bollywood dance performance, keep it balanced for a slow jazz performance as well so that you have more options to share with your online community.

In the end, an instagrammable wedding is merely a trendy idea for the social media and the internet age. However, what matters the most to host a successful wedding is compatibility and a mutual understanding of how you want to organise the event. Thus, finding the right match is crucial and can be made easy with a trusted and reliable matrimony service like

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