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Planning a Budget Indian Wedding in the USA

Everyone wants their marriage to be lavish, but how it will be within a budget is a big question. Royal weddings involve rich cultural traditions and to meet that royalty within budget is the main target. You are at the right place, here you will know how to plan a budget for an Indian wedding in the USA. 

Indian weddings are very famous for their grand functions, vibrant rituals, and elaborate ceremonies. Marriage functions are going on for 2 to 4  days. You can think of this type of wedding in India but if you host such a wedding in the USA then it can be quite expensive. Here, on Indian Matrimony USA sites matchmaking experts help couples to celebrate their royal wedding in the USA within their budget.

So, here are some tips that help you plan a beautiful and memorable wedding without breaking your budget.

Let’s go!

Tips of planning a budget Indian wedding in the USA

  1. Realistic Budget – Moving forward toward a grand wedding first sets a realistic budget. These Indian matrimonial sites USA help you in setting a budget. For that, sit with your family and partner and discuss the maximum amount you are willing to spend. After that, break your budget into some main expenses like venue, catering, attire, decorations, and of course entertainment. To avoid any unnecessary expenses, having a clear financial plan will help you in making decisions.
  1. Create a Guest List – When you talk about Indian weddings there must be a long list of guests. Indian usa matrimonial sites help you in cutting the cost by limiting your guest list. Try to invite very close family and friends only. Do you know? The smaller guest will help you in reducing costs and also helps in managing all the ceremonies in a royal way. After cutting all the costs if you have a budget then you can throw a large reception.
  1. OFF/Peak Season for Wedding – Do you know wedding costs can vary due to the season and day of the week. You can opt for an off season to avoid popular wedding months like winter or early spring. Also go for weekdays not for weekends to avoid higher costs. When you go for off season then venue owners can give you some kind of discounts for weekday events or from off season too.
  1. Invitation and decoration – Instead of having expensive decor, simple and elegant decor can be impactful. Because decoration consumes a large portion of your expenses. Invite your family and friends by texting rather than expensive cards because it is cost effective and environment friendly too.
  1. Selection of venue – Venue is the biggest expense for your royal wedding in the USA. You can select community halls, parks, or even someone’s backyard for some ceremonies. With the help of Matchmaking experts, you can go for some package deals which will save your money.
  1. Menu planning – Food is the main highlight of every wedding. You can opt for a simple cum delicious menu with fewer items rather than increasing the number of items. You can go for a buffet rather than plated dinners. If you want to reduce the cost of catering then go for a simple restaurant which will give you quality food at less cost.
  1. Buy affordable attire – In Indian weddings, brides and groom attire is the main attraction. If you talk about designers then it is quite expensive because it will wear one in a lifetime. You can choose a rented outfit rather than buying. But if you want to buy then go for a smaller price with unique design by smaller shops rather than go for hi-fi designers showrooms. 
  1. Destination wedding – For reducing guests count go for a destination wedding which can be more affordable than a traditional local wedding. They give you a package which can cover the venue, catering, decorations, and even accommodation for guests too. This can definitely simplify your planning in reducing costs. Indian matrimonial site usa make your destination wedding in your budget with full enjoyment without any tension and stress.

Facing difficulty in planning a budget friendly wedding in the USA? PrimeRishta is here, your wedding savior!

Indian Matrimony USA site helps you in all the wedding planning. This gives you that much time to research, book all the services in advance which often leads you to discounts. You can organize everything within a timeline which can help in avoiding mess at the time of ceremonies. 

Planning helps you in enjoying the moments which you spend with your family and friends hassle free. These tips help in planning affordable wedding ceremonies so that you can also be able to do a royal wedding in your budget. Most couples love destination weddings and now it is a trend too. So, go for it without any tension and stress.

Some people recommend PrimeRishta who have professionals with years of experience and they understand people’s emotions and traditional values. They know how to convert a stressful process into an enjoyable wedding.

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