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The wedding day comes with a full of surprises. You might think you would be crying from the heart or chilling while taking selfies; you don’t know. There is excitement about the new beginning and the pain of leaving your most cherished companions. Moreover, they have woven a story of unconditional love and support for years. Trust us, every lullaby is sung on your D-day, and every heard story starts to cultivate the garden of flowers in your mind. However, with laughter and tears in your eyes, you have to step ahead to sync with the love of your life for the rhythm of companionship. It’s not true that you will only be a crying bride. That is why we will be carving out how you will be as a bride:

  1. Taurus – Just Chill Bride

As a Taurus woman, you would be chilling just like the guests. You would enjoy yourself more like a guest and the bride, leaving everyone astonished. Your chill attitude would be a surprise for your parents, too.

  1. Gemini – The Perfectionist Bride

Gemini women are creative and love to look perfect from every side. At the last minute also, you will be rechecking your mascara, lipstick, and god knows what more😅

  1. Aries – Am I looking stunning?

For you, an Aries bride, handling emotions is not a matter of crux. You would be more into “Am I looking fine?” Trust us; you will look amazingly beautiful in minimalistic makeup and dazzling jewelry.

  1. Cancer – The Teardrop Bride

You are an emotional quotient. Many emotional moments will be going on in your mind from childhood. Hence, as a bride, you will be weeping your tears high.

  1. Virgo – The Most Calm Bride

Virgo gals don’t like last-minute modifications. Hence, you will be organized and ready to rock your D-day calmly. Your gleeful smile will make you shine like a star in the night.

  1. Leo – The Bossy Bride

As a Leo bride, you will make your bridesmaids suffer. Adorned in your beautiful lehenga and glamping jewels, you will be concerned only about yourself.

  1. Libra – The Fairytale Bride

As a Libra woman, you have waited a long way to be the bride. You won’t be a shy away bride. Hence, you will show all your love to the groom whimsically.

  1. Scorpio – A Classy Bride

You will be the epitome of classiness and gracefulness. As a Scorpio bride, you will dance like maniacs but with a heavy heart that will eventually cause an emotional outburst.

  1. Sagittarius – The Excited Bride

Sagittarian women are known for their high energies. You will be jumping with joy and behaving like a free-spirited, excited soul, enjoying every moment of your day.

  1. Pisces – Too Emotional Bride

You, as a Pisces bride, will be wearing a beautiful smile. But your eyes will be telling a different side of the story. Hence, you will be too high on your emotions.

  1. Aquarius – The Dancing Bride

As an Aquarius bride, you won’t miss the chance to be the dancing bride. You will dance your heart out with your groom and relatives.

  1. Capricorn – The Foodie Bride

As a Capricorn bride, you would be busy binging on your favorite food, as food is what will keep you calm and sane.

The Last Vow!

Don’t forget how chill you might sound. But make sure to keep tissues with you, as you might need them to fix your makeup or when you get your eyes full of tears. Share with your groom to let him know how you’re going to rock the most awaited day.

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