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Top 5 Wedding Locations in India

A wedding is a special occasion that happens once in a lifetime. It is only right to have a dream event in a fairy tale location. One of the best countries in the world with amazing locations for dreamy weddings is India. There are so many mesmerizing destinations in the country to have your wedding. You can choose a dream location and have a good décor company to add a stunning theme of fantasy to the event. Due to the magical terrains of India, it is quite easy to pick a majestic location for a dream wedding.

It is important to start planning your destination wedding on time. Choosing a location can be a tricky task but with this guide, you can easily avoid the necessary pitfalls. If you want to unlock an amazing wedding destination in India, then keep on reading to get the best romantic locations to say “I Do”. In this post, we reveal some of the most elaborate wedding locations in India.


Udaipur is a prominent wedding location that is located in North India. Known as the “Venice of the East” it has a large collection of lakes. Many Indians visit this place for its amazing palaces and its romantic atmosphere. It beckons on new couples to come to experience a fairy tale and one that will leave an indelible memory in the minds of the celebrants and the guests. Know more


This is another magical wedding location that you can find in India. It is also called “the Pink City” and features a vibrant culture and grade-A royal palaces. The magnificent forts in the location can be used as an amazing backdrop for any romantic gathering and celebration. You can also add colour to your wedding ceremony by incorporating the elaborating dance and music routines of the local people. Know more


If you are looking for the best wedding locations in India, never forget to check out the city of love. Agra is where you have the Taj Mahal, one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. You can have a relatively memorable wedding in Agra. The location is famous for its history and also has a lot of romantic attractions. Apart from its traditional magnificence, Agra is also known for its 5-star hotels and various other attractions. Know more


Shimla is also a great wedding location that offers a very romantic ambience. It is located at the foot of the Himalayas, you get a lot of breath-taking vistas of the surrounding city. In addition, its serene atmosphere and cool climate make sure that you have the perfect wedding celebration. It also offers a unique blend of modern architecture and lush greenery for a more desirable wedding event. There are modern and upscale event halls like the Wildflower and the Oberoi Cecil Hall to add a touch of elegance and royalty to any wedding event. Know More


Not too many people know about the secret wedding location in North India called Mussoorie. Located on a high elevation, this location comes with pleasant weather that also offers exceptional waterfalls with misty mountains. Just like every other wedding location on this list, Mussoorie has its elaborate blend of climactic and traditional benefits. In addition, it also features amazing luxury resorts such as the Marriott Mussoorie Resort and Spa as well as the Jaypee Residency Manor. There are many other additional elegant and highbrow wedding locations in the amazing location. Know More

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